World class training environment for cyclists, triathletes and those just looking to keep fit.

We use real bikes for training, your bike or our adjustable bikes. Sessions are fully controlled by the software at your fitness level, so there are no gears to change, levers to pull or knobs to turn!

Strength and conditioning classes are included in your training making CycleZone a one stop fitness shop!
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What makes CycleZone unique?

We Motivate & Inspire

Key performance metrics available on screen during sessions with full post-ride reporting. Ride visuals inspiring you to push harder during intervals, all while the software is determining the level of your workout. Our floor staff are there to encourage you and keep your goals in sight.

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Our Scientific Approach

Power-based training has been used successfully by pro riders for years. The benefits of training with power over heart-rate are numerous, come in and find out more.

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The Performance Lab

CycleZone’s Performance Lab offers a variety of testing and assessment services with a biokineticist and sport scientist. At CycleZone we believe that gaining an understanding of your body and your metabolism is key to achieving your performance or weight management goals.

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