Many people associate a Dietitian with weight-loss, and they try and avoid these people at all costs!

Although reaching an optimum body composition and weight is one facet of a Dietitian’s work, there are many areas that a Dietitian deals with, and these areas can prove highly beneficial to a person’s health and sporting performance.

Through a detailed initial assessment, which could entail the testing of one’s DNA, an optimum dietary approach is determined. With a multitude of approaches, from low-fat, low-carbohydrate, Banting, Ketogenic etc., many people do not know what approach is best for them to follow. Seeing a Dietitian and testing DNA ensured we follow an eating plan that is conducive to good health and performance.

Diet is not the easiest area to change. With up-to-date knowledge and skills, working with a Dietitian makes it much more likely that positive changes in one’s diet can be effected, and we reap the benefits with this.

Everything we eat and drink results in a “circuit effect” in the body. We have good genes, and bad genes, and the more we promote a diet conducive to achieving good health, the more we “switch on” the good genes. By doing this we avoid acquiring ill-health conditions like diabetes, heart disease and poor mental health.

By seeing a Dietitian, small continuous changes can be made to one’s diet till we are ticking more positive health boxes than the opposite. This leads to good health!

In terms of sporting performance, if a person is putting in the time and effort to be a good sportsman/woman, we owe it to ourselves to ensure we aren’t sabotaging our efforts through non-optimum eating practices.

Good nutrition lays the foundation for good sporting performance. This includes tweaking one’s food and fluid intake to achieve the following:

  • Preventing or recovering from injuries, be they muscular or tendon-related
  • Promoting energy levels so we can train and compete to the best of our ability
  • Ensuring recovery is as fast as it can be, getting us ready for the next workout
  • Promoting physiological adaptations, allowing us to train/compete at higher levels
  • Utilizing appropriate, evidence-based supplementation to reach our goals
  • Ensuring good health, which will directly impact on our sporting performance.

If we are training, sleeping and living a life that achieves the most from our efforts, why leave nutrition to chance. Start the process of optimising it and reap the benefits immediately!

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