Coaching is not just for the pro’s

We offer personalised and interactive cycling coaching to all levels of cyclists. We build annual coaching plans as well as a variety of event specific training plans that are tailored to match your cycling goals and busy schedule.

Without a doubt, nothing can take your performance on the bike to the next level like working with a good professional coach. Coaching is about maximizing the productivity and specificity of your sessions/rides. Part of the monitoring process entails data analysis on all your training files to track your progress and monitor your fatigue levels.

Many athletes attain their goals through self-training or following a training plan but one of the greatest values of a coach is the objectivity they bring to the training plan. With a coach you won’t waste precious time and energy second guessing your rest days, hard days and questioning your sessions. A coach will give you peace of mind and help you make the most of training programme.

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If becoming a faster and stronger cyclist is what you are looking for then CycleZone coaching if for you.

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