Bike Fitting

At CycleZone we know the importance of having your bike set up correctly and efficiently. When it comes to bike fitting there should be no compromises. In partnership with ErgoFit and a keen interest in your comfort, safety and great style of riding, we have created a service for any person looking for the ideal bike fit. Unlike other products, which use static measurements of body proportions, ErgoFit incorporates dynamic values such as flexibility and neuromuscular efficiency as well as any history of injuries to accurately implement your optimal bike fit position.

Anyone riding a bike should consider having their position assessed to ensure optimal efficiency, comfort and injury prevention. Any cyclist regardless of their ability can improve their cycling biomechanics with an ErgoFit at CycleZone.

If you are considering purchasing a new bike, have a pre-fit assessment to ensure that your bike will fit you correctly. Don’t just look at the size of the frame, manufacturing standards are not all the same and no one wants to pay a lot of money and end up with an uncomfortable bike! We can also provide independent advice on the right bike for you!

Professional fittings are by appointment. Email us at to book an ErgoFit or find out more.

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