CycleZone was born out of a need for a safe training environment for the growing community of time-poor cyclists and triathletes. Most of us would prefer to be outdoors riding our bikes, but indoor training offers significant advantages over outdoor riding when it comes to developing greater fitness ceilings.

A stylish studio, offering structured power-based training with full performance reporting and motivational high-definition riding visuals. We also offer personalised coaching and as well as testing in our Performance Lab, to ensure that your training time is maximised. Our coaches, sport scientist, exercise physiologist, and biokinetict are here and ready to help you achieve your goals!

We use real bikes for training, your bike or ours, it’s your choice. Sessions are fully controlled by the software at your fitness level, so there are no gears to change, levers to pull or knobs to turn!

If you are newbie looking to get cycling fit or a racing snake wanting improve performance then email us

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